Right to Care Vacancies

Right to Care is one of the leading healthcare organizations in South Africa that was established to address the immediate public health needs associated with HIV and AIDS in the country. As part of its mission, the organization provides confidential medical care to people living with diseases, in addition to those who are caring for them. Besides providing healthcare, Right to Care also advocates for the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS, makes positive efforts to improve the quality of care that these individuals receive, and works to educate the general public about such diseases. A variety of programs were implemented by the organization in order to make HIV treatment accessible to the general public. In doing so, it developed a strong foundation of service provision, caring for the sick, and introduced new ideas to the country that was able to quickly attract the attention of foreign funding agencies as well as investors. This organization also owns 6 various brands, i.e. Right Clinic, ePharmacy, Strategic Information (SI), Qode Health Solutions, Right to Pride, and Geographic Information Systems. Professor Ian Sanne is the founding director as well as CEO of RTC, whereas, Mr. Shauket Fakie is the Chairman of the Board.

Career Opportunities in Right to Care

There are many career opportunities in the healthcare industry, and Right to Care is one of the leading healthcare organizations. This organization provides care for people with HIV & AIDS, and the company offers a wide range of employment opportunities. Some of the Right to Care Vacancies include working as a Data Capturer, Registered Nurse, and Social Worker. It is also possible to get a job at Right to Care to become a marketing or communications specialist. Whatever your career goals may be, there is likely a position at Right to Care that will fit them. It also offers Learnerships programs for those who are looking for an opportunity to learn, be paid for their work, and get real-world experience. As part of the recruitment process, all you will have to do is carefully read all the requirements before submitting your application. The pay scale and benefits here are top-notch, and the opportunities for advancement are abundant. Applicants belonging to Bethlehem, Klerksdorp, Pretoria, Nelspruit (Mbombela), Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and all across South Africa can avail themselves of this opportunity. So, if you want to work in the healthcare field and be part of a prestigious organization, Right to Care welcomes you!

These are some of the most in-demand Right to Care vacancies currently available.

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