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SA Air Force Vacancies – RESERVE SQUADRONS

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Job Description:

These squadrons (previously Air Force Reserve Squadrons, Volunteer Air Squadrons, or Commando Squadrons), fulfill an increasingly important role as the SAAF’s capabilities are mainly being restricted by a lack of pilots and other technical personnel (Ad Astra, vol 17, no 8). These squadrons supplement the role of the light transport squadrons of the SAAF, thus allowing the SAAF to use additional pilots and aircraft at a reduced cost.

Job Responsibilities:

Members of these squadrons come from all walks of life, performing a diverse range of tasks. Some of these taks are performed over weekends, while most of their training is done over weekends as well. Each squadron is unique because the members have particular knowledge of the area of responsibility in which they operate. This local knowledge is very important when operating with the police in crime-prevention operations. Smaller and slower aircraft are generally used for reconnaissance, border patrol and police work, while higher performance aircraft undertake VIP transport roles.

Job Requirements:

The aircrew qualifications for joining the Air Force Reserve Squadrons is a minimum of a private pilots licence (PPL) with an instrument (IF) rating and in excess of 500 hours. However, it was decided in 2003 that the 500 hours of flying time be reduced to 200 hours, after which a recruit had to be co-piloted for a further 300 hours to make up the 500 hours. An additional requirement is that every member must either own their own aircraft or have access to one.

Job Details:

Company:  SA Air Force

Job Category: Armed Forces

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Sandton, Gauteng, SA

Application Deadline: N/A

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