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ARC Vacancies

The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) is a renowned scientific institution in South Africa that undertakes research while collaborating with others, promotes the advancement of human life, and provides educational opportunities. The ARC was founded in 1944, and since then it has played an important role in the country’s agricultural sector. In recent years, the ARC has increased its focus on food security and sustainability, as well as on developing new technologies to improve crop production. The ARC was founded under Act 86 of 1990, whereas, before 1990, it had a long history and has played an important role in making South Africa a leading agricultural country. It engages in agricultural analysis and development, with a focus on increasing crop yields and reducing poverty in rural areas. The ARC is also responsible for providing research-based advice on agricultural policy. It is headquartered in Pretoria and has a network of over 11 research institutes and a coordinating office throughout the country. It is also responsible for funding and carrying out agricultural research projects, as well as providing technical advice to the agriculture sector. Its main focus is on the production, processing, and marketing of food products. In addition to its own research activities, the ARC works with industry partners to develop new products and technologies. Mr. Shadrack Moephuli is the Chief Executive Officer of ARC.

Career Opportunities in ARC

The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) is a government body tasked with promoting agricultural research and development in South Africa. The ARC offers a wide range of career opportunities, from scientific researchers to management positions. ARC Vacancies include a number of job roles such as Technician, Facilities Officer, Senior Researcher, Test Engineer, and so many more. Additionally, ARC also offers fellowships and scholarships for students interested in pursuing agricultural research. The organization also offers a number of benefits, perks, and rewards to its employees. Among these are excellent compensation and benefits packages, as well as paid leave, subsidized housing, and a retirement plan. ARC also provides its employees with opportunities for growth and development. For example, employees can participate in training programs that help them acquire new skills or develop their existing ones. In addition, ARC employees enjoy a number of other facilities such as medical care, childcare facilities, a pension plan, discounts on goods and services, and many more. Apart from this, ARC is an excellent place to work, with many opportunities to enhance your career prospects. Those interested in applying for agricultural research council jobs are encouraged to apply through our webpage. These job vacancies are open to residents of Pretoria, Johannesburg, and throughout South Africa, and applicants can submit their applications for them.

You can choose from the following list of current ARC Jobs and apply right away.

ARC Vacancies – Facility Manager

Job Description: Support production site with adequate infrastructure, services and equipment by means of Capex implementation and general site maintenance activities. Job Responsibilities: Maintains and update boards and legal compliance documents Ensure that the management of risk meets the business requirements and that safety is always priority. Direct daily routing …

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Jobs of Agriculture in South Africa – NCR and System Administrator

Job Description: This role plays a key administrative role in the quality team in providing flexible, responsive and proactive support to Quality PrQSM and the team. Job Responsibilities: Provides day to day operational support to the PrQSM in terms of team and key individual meeting arrangements, Supplier liaison relating to …

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Agriculture Jobs Johannesburg – Senior Production Manager

Job Description: The primary focus of this position is to plan, lead and control the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of the relevant areas of control within the  motor’s process, using the guiding principles defined in APSYS (Alstom Performance System). Job Responsibilities: Up and downstream process Workshop Managers Train and develop …

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Department of Agriculture KZN Vacancies – Senior Manager

Job Description: Wider network of research institutes and experimental farms, the ARC provides a strong scientific base and a broadly distributed technology transfer capacity to the entire agricultural industry in South Africa. Job Responsibilities: Develop professionally written content and visual collateral to support ARC communication, Strategy to create compelling marketing …

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Department of Agriculture Vacancies 2022 – Taping Operator Motors

Job Description: Comply with company regulations in attendance, EHS and PPE wearing. Job Responsibilities: Know-well the work instruction and drawing of each step-in coil insulation process; Operate independently the related equipment for coil insulation work. Check the equipment daily and report report malfunctions to maintenance timely. Accomplish production task according …

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Jobs in Agriculture – Head Of Engineering

Job Description: Manage and organize Engineering Team according to business needs in-line Gibela guidelines Job Responsibilities: Manage workforce according to workload (firm projects, forecast projects, tender, sustaining and R&D) with focus to avoid any underload and high overload including appointment of engineering teams. Drive co-engineering specially with process engineering and …

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Agriculture Job Vacancies – Technical Trainer

Job Description: Prepares and conducts technical training programs using recognized training techniques and tools. Job Responsibilities: Assists with the development of training aids such as learner guides, manuals, handbooks, practical training equipment (mock- ups), presentation packs, hand-outs, etc. Designs and applies assessment tools to measure training effectiveness. Identifies internal and …

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Agricultural Research Council Vacancies – Planning Manager

Job Description: The primary focus of this position is to organize and coordinate the planning of all industrial activities related to various manufacturing dynamics, by ensuring on-time manufacturing progression that results in timely deliveries, whilst contributing to profitability improvements in terms of costs, lead time and inventory reduction. Job Responsibilities: …

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ARC Vacancies Near me – Indirect Buyer

Job Description: To deploy commodities strategy of its perimeter and ensure project executions are in line with QCDT and ED (Economic Development) objectives. They will also be required to pilot contractual relationships with suppliers. Job Responsibilities: Identification of project and business needs Preparation and launch of Request for Quotation with …

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ARC Vacancies – Technician

Job Description: Assist GRM with completion of Performance & Development Agreements (PDAs) and Evaluations(PDEs) for all subordinates Ensure performance targets are achieved Ensure compliance of all team members with all Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Job Responsibilities: In vitro establishment and multiplication of food and non-food crops for clients and …

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